From Denim Cowboy to Hipster – Check Out Justin Timberlake’s New Look

He’s been a B-boy, an all-denim cowboy, a combed down mama’s boy and a gangster, and now he’s a hipster.

He’s almost had more transformations than Madonna, but Justin Timberlake’s latest look has him toe-tapping in work boots, cuffed chinos and some rugged hipster facial hair. The only thing that has stayed the same is his high pitched voice and his twisting fancy dance moves – which look pretty out of place on his new hipster lumberjack-chic look – but hey, who ever said lumberjacks can’t dance?

Check out his new video below to see Justin in all his hipster glory, but watch out – there are boobs on display.

Click through the slideshow to see the many reincarnations of Justin!

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